Antipode - Retina Dance Company

by Filip van Huffel (Belgium)

German Premiere

July 17  2009

Hamburger Sprechwerk, 8 pm

(ca. 60 minutes) • Public discussion with the artist(s) after the performance

Five men - four dancers and a double bass player perform a raw and exhilarating production of extremes. The five individuals share the same stage but are on their own path, with no shared goals and no fear, exerting their own physicality, exploring their own extremes. They collide, caress, fight, play and reject as they stampede along their pathway with commitment and single vision.

After sell out tours in Belgium with his band Aranis, acclaimed Belgian composer/ musician Joris Vanvinckenroye joins Retina to create the soundscore for Antipode. Joris manipulates the sounds of his double bass acoustically and electronically to create a rich musical landscape that drives the movement with percussive power and supports the flow with manipulated soundscapes.

Retina is an ambitious contemporary dance company artistically led by Filip Van Huffel. Working in Belgium and the UK, Retina produce dance performances of differing scales; from theatre performances to large-scale site-specific events, multi-media projects and a wide range of accessible participatory residencies and workshops.

Filip Van Huffel’s work emphasises pure movement that affects the viewer theatrically through a physically vibrant movement quality.

Choreographer: Filip Van Huffel

Dancers: Robert Guy, Steven Martin, Matthew Slater, Brian Tjon Tjauw Liem

Composer: Joris Vanvinkenroye

Antipode was made possible with support from Arts Council England, ccBe Antwerpen and Nottingham City Council.