7 Labs

LAB 1: Composition & Choreographie

Filip van Huffel (Retina Dance Company, Antwerp)

July 20-24 2009

K3-Zentrum für Choreographie Hamburg, 1-4 pm

Open door day on July 24 at 3pm (K3-Center für Choreographie Hamburg)

Filip Van Huffel, choreographer and Artistic Director of the Anglo/Belgian Retina Dance, will start each day with a technique class that focuses on the process of movement, exploring the flow of energy through the body and emphasizing efficiency and freedom. Fast paced and quirky, his class uses continuous flow, weight and breath to energize movement through space and body.

The choreographic element of the workshop will incorporate taught repertory material, improvisation and an opportunity for the participants to work with choreographic devices, Filip uses within his own work. Incorporating solo and partner work, the content will focus on the process of movement rather than shape, and the internal motivation of movement to produce physically vibrant movement material.

Solo- wie Partnerarbeit werden einbezogen. Stärker als Form und Gestalt werden inhaltlich der Bewegungsprozess fokussiert sowie die innere Motivation, pulsierendes Bewegungsmaterial zu erzeugen.

LAB 2: Contemporary African Dance

James Mweu (Kunja Dance Theatre, Kenya)

July 20-22 2009

Kampnagel rehearsal space 6a, 1-4 pm

Open door day on July 22 at at 3pm

Teaching language: English
Maximum number of participants: 20
This Lab is open to anyone interested!

Lab 3: Composition

João da Silva (ArtEz School of dance, Arnhem)

July 20-21 2009

Kampnagel rehearsal space 6a, 1-4 pm

Open door day on July 21 at at 3pm (Kampnagel rehearsal space 6a)

In this two-day workshop we will visit, in theory and practice, a few Open-Form Composition related notions.

We will be looking into how we conceive and understand ‘movement’, by asking ourselves ‘what moves?’ in the relations generated during the workshop. If time allows, we will also consider the notion of responsibility in the act and enactment of real-time decision making’.

Lab 4: Feldenkreis

The Art of Making Choices - The Feldenkrais Method as resource for dance making

Thomas Kampe (London Metropolitan University, England)

July 22-23 2009

Kampnagel rehearsal space 6a, 13.00-16.00 Uhr

Open door day on July 24 at 3pm (Kampnagel rehearsal space 6a)

In this workshop we will use practices and concepts drawn from the The Feldenkrais Method©as a resource for dance making. We will explore how ‘Awareness through Movement’ lessons, taught through verbal instruction,and hands-on partner work based on ‘Functional Integration’ practices can inform our compositional choices, and serve as embodied scores for emerging improvisations.

The Feldenkrais Method was developed in the by nuclear physicist Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais (1904-1984), and is widely regarded as one of the twentieth century’s most influential movement and body-learning systems. Based on a ‘dynamic systems’ understanding of movement behaviour, it combines investigative strategies drawn from scientific methods with a focus on self-awareness and self-education.

Lab 5: HIP HOP & Choreography

Johnny Lloyd (USA/Hamburg)

July 27-31 2009

K3-Zentrum für Choreographie Hamburg, 1-4 pm

Open door day on July 30 at at 3pm (K3-Zentrum für Choreographie Hamburg)

Hip Hop is a general term for several dances which have come out of Urban Culture. The dances were developed in different neighborhoods and then rose to media attention.

This Lab looks at specific dance forms that have risen in the past five years and added their motion to the new school of hip hop called ‘New Styles’. These styles include Dancehall, Harlem Shake, House and Krumpin (justly featured in the movie RIZE from David LaChapelle).

The motion is lyrical and organic, and avoids the attitude often overemphasized by Hollywood. The goal of the class is to get a feel for Hip Hop using these forms, and furthermore, to offer Hip Hop motion as a contemporary voice in choreography.

Lab 6: Contemporary African Dance

Addisu Demissie (Ethiopia)

July 27-29 2009

Kampnagel rehearsal space 6a, 1-4 pm

Open door day on July 29 at 3pm (Kampnagel rehearsal space 6a)

Lab 7: African Dance

Angelina Akpovo (Benin/Hamburg)

July 29-31 2009

Kampnagel rehearsal space 6c, 1-4 pm

Open door day on July 31 at 3pm 

Contact to the ground / Movement from the body center / isolated movements of single parts of the body / inner expression. Coordination and polyrhythmics are very sensitive expressed in dances from Benin, Ghana, Togo, Nigeria and Guinea.The point is to feel the power of the ground which flows upwardly through the pelvis and the vitality which climbs upwardly like a fire through the feet to the pelvis, the breast, the shoulders and the head in order to activate and move the whole body. I would like particularly to communicate a way for women and men physically to express their hapiness, sorrow and angriness through single dance movements. Dance must be an enjoyment and establish the connection between creative forms of expression, body experience and spirituality. Through body awareness, attention on respiration and barycenter, a feeling for movement and rhythm the participants reach the origin of primary energy of life and vitality: without this attitude the African dance would not exist. The basic African dance techniques will be teached and assembled to a choreography by means of traditional Orisha dances from Benin, Togo and Guinea, their songs and rhythms. All these elements can be found today in modern moves in discos. A short flying visit in these area will be of course allowed.

A musician accompanies the workshop