Podium Discussion

Methodologies and creative processes in dance education

July 20. 2009

K3-Zentrum für Choreographie Hamburg, 4 pm

(ca. 90 minutes) 

Free Entrance

The project dance beyond borders also is an encounter between ten young choreographers, school directors, teachers and artists from across Europe to question the function of Dance schools and what role they play in a dance student life, as a choreographer or interpreter. dance beyond borders is interested in understanding the basis of school programs and how these dance institutions are reflecting upon the development of a new generation of dancers and dance makers.

with Gaby Allard, director of School of Dance, Arnheim; Natalie Gordon, Retina Dance Company; Thomas Kampe, London Metropolitan University; Francisco Pedro, Escola Superior de Danca, Lisbon; and directors, teachers from several dance schools and institutions from Hamburg

Moderation by Irmela Kästner, Author and dance critic, Hamburg

Language: English